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Neurosalon is a project committed to embracing the belief that creativity is within everyone and everyone’s reach. We create art to demonstrate the benefits of creativity through its ability to increase plasticity in the brain. We intend to bridge the gap between scientific language and the layman’s public through our art. We aspire to teach all to embrace their creative selves through understanding the benefits of creativity. Our goal is to create an aesthetic experience that inspires people to tap into their uniquely creative selves.

A member of our team discovered a gene called the lynx gene. This gene activates as we age and restricts plasticity: our ability to learn and change.  It effectively puts a brake on plasticity. Neural plasticity is the abundance of neural pathways at birth, which are shaped by our experiences and environment. We explore the concept of plasticity in this project. We tend to reuse the same neural pathways and they become strong and efficient. Extra effort is needed to rewrite these pathways.  Through the pursuit of our creative passions, we can reduce this stopper and unleash empathy, creativity, resilience, and various other brain regions.