Building Creativity

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How Creativity Reduces Stress

According to the American Psychology Association (2019), roughly 75% of Americans report that they experience physical, mental, and behavioral symptoms from an excess of stress. The human body has a fine tuned way of dealing with situations that the individual deems…

Synesthesia – The Joining of the Senses

Vincent Van Gogh, writer Vladimir Nabokov, and Australian singer Lorde, a seemingly unrelated trio, share one unifying experience – all are among the small group of people with the neurological condition of synesthesia.

Creative Madness

Have you ever been tempted to cave to temptation and slice off your ear? Or maybe you’re dying to experience the robust flavor of yellow paint? Personally, I’ve only ever eaten yellow playdough, unlike our friend Vincent Van Gogh (a Dutch…

Scientific and Artistic Creativity Compared

Have you ever wondered why people are creative in distinct and sometimes absurd ways? Creativity entails a wide array of original ideas: a local grocery store shopper who fastened pool noodles to his head to ensure other shoppers remained six feet…

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